DoDonPachi Resurrection for Smartphone


DoDonPachi Resurrection for Smartphone

Two game modes: [SMART PHONE MODE], which adds a new system unique to smartphones, and [ARCADE MODE], which is a port of the arcade version!

Release date
August 26, 2010



  • [SMART PHONE MODE] Equipped with new system S.M. mode

    Use SLAUGHTER of Angry S and MENACE of Angry M properly!
    Rampage the world of great resurrection with the strongest angry deadly attack Hyper Cannon !!

  • Renewed BGM for [SMART PHONE MODE]! Of course, [ARCADE MODE] BGM is also installed!

  • Each mode is equipped with [PRACTICE MODE] that allows you to practice well.

    Whether you are a beginner shooter or a core shooter, aim for the strongest shooter!

  • A barrage storm that is as good as the arcade version!

    A barrage storm that fills the screen with its splendid graphics

  • Operability unique to smartphones

    With comfortable operability using slides unique to smartphones, delicate operations that were difficult with conventional operation levers are possible!

  • Compatible with GAME CENTER! Equipped with Internet ranking and achievements!

    Supports ranking for each game mode and aircraft. Compete for high scores with players from all over the world!
    If you meet various conditions in the game, you can get achievements. Aim! Complete achievements!
    * Game Center is supported only on iOS.

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