DoDonPachi Resurrection Black label [Xbox 360®]


DoDonPachi Resurrection Black label [Xbox 360®]

Xbox 360® version of the arcade shooting "Donpachi Resurrection Black Label" that adopted the new system "Red System" for "DonPachi Resurrection". In addition to the additional download version of the Xbox 360® version of "Donpachi Resurrection Ver1.5", there is also a package version. Arrange mode, which is included only in the package version, is a collaboration with Cave's popular shooting game "Ketsui: Kizuna Jigokutachi". In addition to being able to play on your own machine of "Ketsui", it is a must-play content for fans such as a game system that combines the features of "Great Resurrection Black Label" and "Ketsui".

Release date
February 3, 2011


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