By making familiar employees happy
Make end users happy

At Cave, we have renewed our corporate philosophy as a motive and standard for all activities and choices. First of all, I think that keeping each member of Cave motivated and able to work on their respective purposes will lead to the happiness of end users.


Create The Solution

Creat The Solution.

The fields we engage in, such as games, livestreaming, and entertainment, etc.
It may change and expand in the future, but the mission to be fulfilled there will not change.
Finding the problem that is always there and solving that problem no matter what
This is the significance of Cave's existence in this society.


Stand Up To Win

Stand Up To Win

You win because you do it. This alone should never be handed over.
So what do you need to win in an environment that is never easy?
He has a stronger passion for business than anyone else, and he has no choice but to rise up until the very end without giving up.
To win absolutely, continue until you absolutely win. This is what we want to be and what we want to be.


Each one is the starting point
for change.

Everyone has a stronger sense of ownership.
Only when each person is prepared to draft and promote himself
You can make the changes you really need into reality.

Challenge any problem as a team.

In order to solve problems more quickly and efficiently, and to solve larger and more difficult problems, the synergistic effect of each individuality and specialty is demonstrated across the boundaries of occupations and job titles.

For users
Repeat the best and improvement.

We will continue to pursue quality thoroughly without compromising.
And by analyzing the results objectively, we will continue to improve the quality. All is for the users.

Thoroughly perform Nanameue.

Betray the expectations of all involved and greatly exceeds expectations.
We will continue to stick to such Cave-style "Nanameue" thoroughly.

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