Mushihimesama Futari Black Label for Smartphone


Mushihimesama Futari Black Label for Smartphone

A black label featuring the popular arcade barrage shooter "Mushihimesama Futari" has arrived!
Keeping the excitement of the arcade, the black label, which is an arranged version of the story of the girl Reco who became a god and the boy Palm who rides a dragon, is now available on iPhone / iPod touch / iPad!

Release date
June 23, 2012



  • Three modes that anyone from beginners to advanced can enjoy

    Equipped with all original, maniac, and god. Three types of game modes are available, from the [original] mode with a small number of bullets to the maximum number of barrages, and the [extreme] mode with redesigned enemy placement and barrage! In addition, 4 types of difficulty can be selected: [NOVICE], [NORMAL], [HARD], and [HELL], and anyone from beginners to core shooting game users can enjoy it.

  • Universal support with splendid graphics as it is!

    Optimized for iPhone / iPod touch and iPad for universal app! You can experience the barrage on a beautiful screen!

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