Deathsmiles for Smartphone


Deathsmiles for Smartphone

In addition to the arcade version "Death Smiles", [Smartphone MODE] has been added!
It is a fulfilling content that both those who have already played and those who will play in the future can enjoy it.
Furthermore, [PRACTICE MODE] is installed in each mode! Even beginners of shooting games can take on the challenge!

Release date
July 7, 2011



  • A new character "Tiara" has arrived!

    King Jill Ballard's granddaughter "Tiara" is here!
    The character that first appeared in Chapter 3 of the "Death Smiles" original drama CD, and first appeared in the game!
    In [Smartphone MODE], an original story revolves around this "tiara"! !!

  • Redesigned character design

    Yukinatsu Mori, a manga artist, is in charge of new character design and scenarios. Based on the design of Junya Inoue, a manga artist who was in charge of character design for the "Death Smiles" series, the appeal of the characters will expand further.

    ◆ Profile of Yukinatsu Mori
    4 frames / story cartoonist.
    At the strong recommendation of Junya Inoue, who created the world of "Death Smiles", he is in charge of the character design and scenario of this work.

    ◆ Profile of Junya Inoue
    In charge of character design and graphics at game companies such as Cave. After leaving Cave, became independent as a freelancer. In addition to working as a manga artist, he is in charge of character design for the "Death Smiles" series, setting the world view, and voice actors.
    Currently, "BTOOOM!" Is being serialized in Monthly Comic Bunch.
    »Junya Inoue WEB site

  • Renewed BGM

    In addition, all BGM songs have been newly written!
    Pink sweets and whip whip pork for the composer! Takeshi Miyamoto (cave) who worked on such things. Color the adventures of Tiara and the new world of Jill Ballard.

    ◆ Profile of Takeshi Miyamoto
    Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture. After arranging concerts and band activities, he joined Cave in 2003 and has been involved in sound production for "Pink Sweets", "Muchimuchi Pork", "Megami Tensei IMAGINE" and others as a sound creator.

  • iPhone Mode points

    An original mode that collects items to create the strongest character.
    A new incident that hits another world, Jill Ballard.
    The adventure of Tiara, a princess who awakens as an angel, begins.

    ◆ Treasure items
    You may get treasure items by destroying enemies. Treasure items are equipment items that strengthen the tiara and can be equipped with the dresser in My Room.

    ◆ Boss sealing mode
    When the boss's life is set to zero, it will enter the sealing mode. If you can touch the magic squares on the screen in the order shown within the time limit, the seal will be successful and you will be able to reliably release the treasure items.

    ◆ Scoring item
    If you destroy an enemy, you may get a score item. When you get this item, the item counter will increase and you can save up to 1000. Also, the number of items acquired is converted to GOLD.

    ◆ Sakylä shop
    Obtained GOLD can be exchanged for treasure items at Sakylä stores.
    Conversely, you can also redeem an item for GOLD.

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