Cube Drop ~ Brain is a master at your fingertips ~


Cube Drop ~ Brain is a master at your fingertips ~

Easy to operate, 2 fingers!
"Tamaire": A mission to break the cube and put the ball inside
"Rescue": A mission to destroy the cube and save the animals
"Toridashi": A mission to break cubes and take out items

Release date
July 15, 2016



  • "Area" with different levels and various "stages"

    "Area": ​​26 levels from A to Z
    "Stage": Nine stages are prepared in each area. There are more than 200 stages in total!

  • You can collect the animals rescued by "Rescue"!

    The animals rescued in the "Rescue" mission will be referred to as the "Animal Collection".
    You can see it freely at any time. Let's complete cute animals!

  • You can share play videos and clear results!

    By clearing "Tamaire" within the specified time with a difficulty level of Area F or higher, you can share your own play video as a "challenge letter" on SNS.
    In addition, a share button will appear when clearing the area or clearing each mission. (By using each share function, you can get a "drink" that will be your life)

  • For unsolvable missions, rely on "hints"!

    At difficulty levels up to Area B, you can see "hints" by making a few mistakes.
    Let's see "Hints" and try again, learn the tips, and challenge the difficult problems after that!

  • Collect drinks and try again and again!

    There are various "drinks" required to play the game, such as "mission clear reward" (including multiple clear rewards and area complete rewards), "login bonus" that you can get when you log in for the first time every day, and "video ad viewing". You can get it in any way.


System Requirements

iOS 7.0 or later.
iPhone 5 or later
iPad 3, iPad 4
iPad Air, iPad Air 2
iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3
* Not compatible with iPod touch.

Android 4.0 and above
* Performance may vary depending on the model.
* Not compatible with some models.
* SIM-free terminals are not supported.

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