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CAVE to Release Games for PlayStation® Vita


CAVE to Release Games for PlayStation ® Vita

CAVE Interactive Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku, Tokyo JASDAQ Code: 3760) has announced that it will be releasing games for the PlayStation® Vita, starting with its social game “Shirotsuku” followed by an original shooting game (title TBA).*

*Localization status of both games is currently to be determined.
Shirotsuku (Title TBA)
“Check in” and “Step Out”! Enjoy your portable game system in a brand new way!
Become a “daimyo” in the Sengoku period of Japanese history and build up your own tiny castle kingdom in this Sengoku simulation game by CAVE. Use the “check in” feature to pick up souvenirs exclusive to your geo-location and construct unique buildings from that area. Once your castle town is bustling, skirmish and try your luck in battle against other users.

Check In for Fun!
Use the location registration feature of the Playstation® Vita to pick up souvenirs and buildings exclusive to your geographic area.

Play in Your Free Time: Step Out and Check In!
In “Shirotsuku”, you’ll earn coins in-game according to how far you’ve travelled since your last check in. The cash you earn on your morning commute quickly stacks up! Pick a building and a spot to place. Your townsfolk will automatically build it, allowing you to enjoy “Shirotsuku” in your spare time, waiting for the bus, on your lunch break and more.

■ More Fun with Friends!
Show off your castle towns, trade souvenirs, and more! There are plenty of features to enjoy with friends. Connect to your favorite social network and meet new people to play with.

■ Build a Castle Town in the Palm of your Hand!
More than 400 types of buildings and more than 400 samurais! The same great content from Shirotsuku, enjoyed by over 3,000,000 people in Japan, is here for the Vita version.

Yukimura Sanada Masamune Date Hanzo Hattori


Shirotsuku (Working Title)
■ Platform :PlayStation® Vita
■ Genre :Castle Creating Simulation
■ Price :TBD
■ Release Date :TBD

■About Shirotsuku (Cell Phone Version)
“Shirotsuku” is a social game in which players become a daimyo (warlord) in the Sengoku period of Japanese history and create their own tiny castle kingdom.
Users “check in” using geo-location info from Shirotsuku’s unique GPS feature, which links the player to their physical location.
With in-game events that utilize geo-location, Shirotsuku’s “Step Out and Check in” theme resonated with users and has helped grow its user base to over 3,000,000 users as of May, 2011.
Official site (PC and Mobile):

Shooting Game (Title TBD)

Veteran shooter developer CAVE will be releasing a new shooting game that takes advantage of the PlayStation® Vita’s original features.

Shooting Game (Title TBD)
■ Platform: PlayStation® Vita
■ Genre: Shooting Game
■ Price:TBD
■ Release Date:TBD

CAVE Interactive
CAVE Interactive is at the forefront of designing, creating and operating targeted entertainment contents on mobile media and the Internet.
Building communities through entertainment, CAVE endeavors to provide online entertainment and games to a wide audience.

Corporate Site:

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CAVE Interactive CO.,LTD.

*PlayStation is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.