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ニュース アイコン

NIN-2 Jump Released to Xbox LIVE Arcade

CAVE is proud to announce the international release of action game “NIN2-JUMP” exclusively to Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday, April 27th. Please note that all sales of “NIN2-JUMP” from release until June 30th (Thursday) will be contributed to relief efforts for victims of the Tohoku earthquake in Japan.

An action game with a unique world setting set to a Japanese “shadow play” theme.
Jump and chain your way through stage after stage! Fly as fast as you can! Get “hooked” on the simple, addictive gameplay.


Players take control of “Nin Ja”, a character in the shadow play, and dodge their way through each stage to save the princess. Progress in the game to acquire more “ninjutsu” powers, which give you more actions to tackle each level with.Children watch the ninja’s progress in the shadow play around the screen. When the player does something awesome, they’ll cheer!

CAVE offers our deepest condolences to the people affected by the Tohoku Earthquake disaster. CAVE wants to do its part to help rebuild areas affected by the disaster, and we have started up a “Games Supporting Disaster Victims” Project to help people in the affected areas.

All sales from release until the end of June for Xbox 360® (Xbox LIVE Arcade) title “NIN2-JUMP” (400 Microsoft Points) will be donated to charity through the Japanese Red Cross.

CAVE hopes for the safety of people in the area affected by the earthquake tragedy and a rapid restoration of services.