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Deathsmiles for Smartphone
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  • Deathsmiles for Smartphone
  • Deathsmiles for Smartphone
  • Deathsmiles for Smartphone
  • Deathsmiles for Smartphone
“A brand new iPhone version of the classic arcade shooter!
Much to explore for those who have played Deathsmiles or those new to the game.
A great challenge for those just getting started with shooters!


Tiara, granddaughter of the Gilverado King, is here! First appearing on a Deathsmiles Drama CD, Tiara leaps to life in Deathsmiles iPhone Mode! Enjoy an original story starring Tiara in iPhone Mode!

iPhone Mode features new character designs and an original scenario handled by manga illustrator and writer Yukinatsu Mori. Based on the original character designs by Deathsmiles series illustrator Junya Inoue, Yukinatsu’s illustrations give new life to the Angels.

Yukinatsu Mori
Yukinatsu Mori is a manga artist currently drawing and writing “Tama-san” for Manga Time. Character Designer and Scenario Writer for Deathsmiles iPhone/iPod touch at the strong recommendation of Junya Inoue.
>>Yukinatsu Mori’s Homepage

Junya Inoue
Veteran character designer and graphic artist at CAVE and other game companies. After leaving CAVE, Inoue went independent as a manga artist, and later created the character and world design for the Deathsmiles series, as well as Voice Work for some characters.
Currently writing manga series “BTOOOM!” at Bunch Comics.
>>Junya Inoue’s Homepage

Brand new music for your quest through Gilverado!
Veteran CAVE composer Takeshi Miyamoto (Muchi Muchi Pork, Pink Sweets etc.) pens entirely new compositions for iPhone Mode. A new Gilverado sings forth on your mobile device.

Takeshi Miyamoto Profile
Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
A veteran sound editor, Mr. Miyamoto toured with bands and later joined CAVE in 2003.
He was involved in the soundtracks to “Pink Sweets”, “Muchi Muchi Pork” and “MEGATEN”.

“Collect items to power up your princess in this original mode. A new fiendish plot unfolds in Gilverado. Can Princess Tiara put a stop to it?”


Treasure Chests

Destroyed enemies will sometimes drop treasure chests. Grab these to pick up items that will help you on your quest.
Equip these items to boost Tiara’s stats and keep her strong against the demon hordes!
Banishing Bosses

When a boss’ life reaches 0, you can “banish” it with a special attack. Touch the magic circles on-screen in the correct order before time runs out to grab a Treasure Chest.

Point Items
Defeated enemies will drop point items. Collect these to increase your Item Counter, to a maximum of 1000. Items you have collected will be changed into Gold for use in Sakura’s Shop.

Sakura’s Shop
Exchange the gold you’ve picked up for equipment and more at Sakura’s Shop. You can also sell items to get more gold.

**AVAILABLE for iPhone/iPod**