Outline of Business

Initially founded as a game developer, CAVE has expanded the scope of its business to multiple platforms and formats and built a solid track record in the game industry thanks to its unique project planning and game operations. Games and other projects at CAVE are developed with the common goal of producing eye-catching yet deep entertainment for our users.
It is this experience in multiple industries which allows us to collate several different divisions under one roof: our Social Game and App division, which builds social games from the ground up and has co-develops titles with major publishers, our Online Department, which plans, develops, and manages online services and games, our Information Provider business which performs project planning and system development for mobile information services, and our Game Development Department which develops both commercial arcade and home console-oriented games.

Social Team

Cave is now active in the emerging markets of social media applications and social games.
By using games as a communication tool we enable players to cooperate with friends to increase the fun and entertainment value of their playing experience. We aim to bring you an entirely new entertainment experience and extensive social content.
Following the release of our simulation game Shirotsuku, CAVE will be developing more content and community formats based on the extensive know-how we have garnered developing games for multiple platforms.
CAVE is aiming to be Number 1 in this new generation of digital entertainment.

Mobile Team

Cave's mobile department has grown rapidly due to the widespread growth of the mobile platform.
Identifying customer needs related to games, music downloads, ring tones, mail order and video ahead of the competition has made us one of the leading content providers in the industry.
Some prime examples of this are Half Note Jazz, a jazz website produced under the supervision of Blue Note New York, Tokyo Phil Classic, a classical website produced under the supervision of the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Mini-4WD™ and Tamiya World, which was developed in collaboration with toymaker Tamiya, Inc.
CAVE aims to keep our customer base satisfied by delivering eye-catching content and unique added value that only we can provide.

Console/Arcade Team

CAVE is a well- known arcade video game developer, and has always stood out as a top brand in the industry for shooting games.
In addition to our well-known arcade shooters, we also develop medal games and other consigned projects for major game manufacturers.
In order to build the appeal of "CAVE games" across platforms, we are developing our arcade shooter IPs in the mobile space and other platforms.

Online Services Team

Cave seeks to make the Online Business a pillar for our future. Towards that end, we develop and manage online entertainment focused on online games.
The strengths of our staff include clear vision and planning, as well as the expertise to offer a fully integrated service from design and development to operation.
Our in-house client/server development line builds on these strengths, and enables us to provide the attractive value-added services that have fueled significant growth for CAVE.