CAVE Interactive CO., LTD. Representative Director Kenichi Takano

The Spirit of CAVE

The spirit of CAVE is what our company most values in a game creator. You can see it in their ability to anticipate the future, to create and think flexibly without getting stuck in one technical paradigm, and to continually evolve.

To entertain and enchant
This simple idea was what led us to found CAVE, and informs our approach to game development.
From the earliest days of the mobile industry, our company has been developing targeted music, game, commerce and recreation-oriented content, and has expanded to include online games.
Harnessing the knowledge we earned through our console, mobile and online game divisions, we have recently created a social media and applications division. CAVE has built a dedicated user base thanks to our unique and focused project planning, and the technical know-how that transforms our ideas into high quality products.
It is the flexibility to apply concepts and know-how that served us in the past to new industrial shifts, such as the rapid pace of smart phone and social network growth today, that has allowed us to open a new chapter with the addition of our social media and applications division.
We plan to keep capturing the imaginations of our users and pushing towards the next stage, so that we can say with confidence "this is a CAVE game."

Keep an eye on the further evolution of CAVE.

CAVE Interactive CO., LTD.
Representative Director

Kenichi  Takano