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The brandnew shooting game completely free of charge is released!


Entertainment content provider CAVE Co. Ltd. (located in Tokyo, CEO: Takano Kenichi, Hercules Stock Code: 3760) is proud to announce the December 14th (MON), 2015 international release of its brandnew shooting game “Dodonpachi-Ichimen-Bancho” , completely free of charge is released.


◆◇Real Shooting!◇◆
The very best of the real shooting with one finger,ever!Play over and over again,and be the best!

◆◇Let’s Get Customized!!◇◆
Collect coins throughout your missions,and use them to power up your battle ship. Let’s try to make the strongest battle ship!

◆◇From Beginners to Hardcore Players! ◇◆
Clear the condition,and the new stage will be unlocked.
【NEWBIE】, 【NORMAL】, 【HARD】, 【MANIAC】,【HELL】allowing anyone for beginner to expert to enjoy the game!

◆◇Get a High score and Tweet!  ◇◆
When you get a good score on the challenging stage, send it out a tweet!
Enjoy competing with friends and followers!